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We left Israel for about 700 years and I think thats a good rule of thumb. So , I guess its time to take Constantinople back. Lets call it a police action. no , no wait how about calling it a humanitarian effort. yeah thats the ticket.


“company’s ability to get “oysters has been severely limited as a result of the spill. This is due to the combination of the precautionary closing of some oyster harvest-areas, and, more to the point, the lack of boat crews to go out and harvest oysters in the areas that are open.” Workers are making more money toiling for BP in the on-going clean up of the oil spill, he said. “There’s been nothing wrong,” Fahey hastened to add, “with oysters that we have been bringing in for the last 60 days. The bed closures are erring on the side of caution.”

Why wont the gov let these guys harvest oysters and test em. Another example of the gov gone HOG WILD. mad with power and driven by irrational empty headed liberal enviornmaentlists. Notice there is no help for the business owner. Noooo way a business owner is the bad guy in this new america fuck em. Well let me tell u somthin gov , the small business owner employes 95% of the working people in this country. I guess we as a nation dont want these business owners functioning anymore. I guess we would rather line up for government sponsored toilet paper and soup.You thought the soup nazi on seinfeld was funny , well aint gonna be funny anymore when that type of guy is your only source of food. The bigger the gov the worse the people. Small gov NOW! Stop the insanity!

On the other hand who needs oysters anymore? We have male and female viagra. I was never really comfortable with oysters , not in public anyway.

Maby its time for Americas old style ideals to die. Ill try anything, once. Yeah Im starting to worm to the idea now. No responsibility no worries no cares. My only job in this new america will be to cry to the gov. Kinda reminds me of the last world cup. remember all the fake injuries the players carried on and on about in the hopes of drawing a foul. In fact I think I can be a success in this new america. i am obviously a very good complainer I just need to redirect my complaints to the local state and national gov. Yeah , yeah thats right why should I bust my ass all month to pay my medical insurance. I should just lay around and watch tv until im flat broke and apply for welfare and wic and stamps and free medical. Maby I can get some free medical maryjane to help me be a couch potato.

Alright im cool , everybody go about your business. Dont worry about me. I wont be making anymore trouble.


“Former President Bill Clinton vividly remembers the first presentation that his young legal adviser, Elena Kagan, made in the Oval Office. ”

Yeah I bet he does.


I really dont see the problem here. I just dont get why the “authirities” found it necessary to stop this man from KILLING OSAMA BIN LADIN. They should fund guys like this.

Afghan_royal_soldiers_of_the_Durrani_Empire 1787

“The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan”

Good news , that should pay for about half of the stimulus money our government has spent. Keep it up guys another find like this and we will be in the black. I hope China is ok with this. I sure would hate to destroy their manufacturing centers (wink wink). Good job Obama , I see where your going with this.

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