Getting a job?

I like to use this page to wrant about my personal life. I’ve been on the dole since last July and I actually don’t mind the freedom. It is the lack of money that is my issue. I’ve applied for over 400 jobs. I’ve had a couple of dozen phone interviews and several in person interviews.

This afternoon I have a second interview. It’s not a great job, but it is a paycheck. A second interview is what employers do these days to stave off actually having to hire someone right away. I have interviewed and hired several people over the year and I have always know who was right for the job pretty much right after the first interview.  I have been hired for several very  good jobs based on a 30 minute interview.

But in this job market there are supposedly six applicants for every opening. The job I am going back to interview for today told me they where interviewing 10 people. It is nice to get a call back for the second interview. I am definitely qualified, the choice now if who fits nicely into the culture of the organization.

I am not nervous. I still have over a years worth of unemployment benefits to exhaust.  I am looking for the right job. One where I can do good work and one where I won; be out on my ass again after 5 years.

I am lucky to be in a position to be a bit choosy. I am not going to jump on a job that is not right just because I don’t like being poor. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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    Thursday, July 7, 4:12 pm

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