Bags Across The Water February 25, 2010

Plastic rubbish blights Atlantic Ocean

This article makes me sad… I hate that we can’t figure out a way to clean up our oceans…but in a perverse way I also think it is cool that plastic in the ocean manages to find it’s own community. I’d hate for it to be floating around lonely, growing algae and wishing it could find a friend like Wall-E “Scientists have discovered an area of the North Atlantic Ocean where plastic debris accumulates.” See that part makes me glad. Plus if we ever got our shit together it would be easier to clean up one pile than to scour the entire ocean.

The amazing thing to me is that it is 2010 and scientist are just discovering this giant floating garbage dump. It just goes to prove how big the Atlantic Ocean is and how few scientists are studying it. You’d think the guy hunting for the Titanic, Robert Ballard, would have found a giant floating garbage dump before he found a ship way under the water. I guess if you weren’t looking, you wouldn’t find it.

We really have to invent plastic eating animals… forget stem cell research, we need research on this kind of shit… although… be careful what you wish for… once these Plastisaurs, (I should trademark that name), eat all the plastic floating in the ocean, they’ll swim ashore, grow legs and come after us. This 5 year old laptop I am typing on would be an appetizer… then they’d go after my car which is almost completely plastic, and then they’s come after your car and your laptop. I better start hoarding soda bottles just to fend off the attack.

Oh and someone ought to tell the Scientist that there is a very high probability that there are garbages patches in the India and Arctic Oceans too… so don’t act so surprised next time.

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