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January 20, 2010
It has been 12 years since I registered this domain name. It’s about time we did something with it.

It was conceived during our regular Wednesday night poker game in a studio apartment in the Mission District in San Francisco. We drank, we smoked, and we reveled in the endless possibilities of the California Dream. For those of you who were not in San Francisco in 1998, you missed an epic time in American history. It was the absolute pinnacle of the Dot Com Boom. Everyone was dreaming of unimaginable riches created out of thin air from ideas that would have seemed absurd a few years earlier.

Pet food ordered online, groceries ordered online and delivered to your apartment by a fleet of tan colored step-vans. Books ordered online… actually that one turned out to be a good idea. Everyone was an idealist and everyone was hoping to be a dot com millionaire. Some made untold riches, others like me moved on to less lofty endeavors.
I have a vivid memory of watching the Nightly News with a friend in 1998. The NASDAQ had just hit another record high and Tom Brokaw was reporting on the boom. I said to my friend, “remember this, the economy will never be better than it is right now.” As it turns out, I was right, unfortunately… You know the rest of the story… dot com bust, Enron bankruptcy, Worldcom accounting scandal, recession of 2001, they all seem so quaint and so long ago.

Flash Forward to 2010, I have finally gotten off my slacker ass, mostly because I have been unemployed for months, and put together this web site. Some of you might refer to it as a blog. I prefer the term wrant, as in web rant.

If I can stay off my slacker ass and actually keep up with this site, you can look forward to my wrants. I plan on focusing on injustice. Specifically Economic Injustice…(what else would you expect from someone unemployed).

Thanks for reading…
Stay Gold,
Aimlow Joe

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