Estate Sale July 9, 2010

I stopped by an Estate Sale on my way home from my job interview, which went well, thanks for asking.

One of my guilty pleasures is poking through the belongings of the recently departed.

For those of you not in the know, an Estate Sale is what takes place in your house after your relatives have cherry picked your stuff. Picture everything in your house for sale, literallyeverything.

You can get a good picture of a persons life by picking through there shit. In this house, the man ruled the roost. I am guessing that his wife predeceased him because I didn’t see much women’s things.

This house was a typical cookie cutter suburban split level house. It had not been “updated” and by the age of the décor my guess is that the guy who died was north of 80.

Mr. Brillstein, I think that was his name, was into photography. He had all kinds of photographic equipment. There were several camera from the 1960’s as well as all of the standard issue darkroom stuff of the time.

He also like music, specifically terrible old records and cassettes he made of them. He like to label his home made cassettes and store them very neatly in boxes. I picked through his records none of which I felt like taking home, but I didn’t have the heart to go through the home made cassettes. They seems so personal and intimate.

But I did have the heart to try on some of his old clothes. Nothing personal and intimate about that right? He was about my height, but about 50 pounds more than me. I was thinking about scoring his old blue tuxedo jacket and suede Indian fringe jackets, but it was the first day of the sale and the prices were still too high. I might swing back there on Sunday and see if the jackets are still around.
He did have 3 pairs of really cool cowboy boots that I wished were about 1/2 size bigger.

Old Mr. Brillstein had a great collection of old Playboys. I wish I had the space for them. They ought to go to a good home. He also had some great risqué books. Times were different back in the 1960’s. I think people enjoyed being sexy more years ago.

The estate sale got me thinking about my own passing and how my stuff will be sold to the neighborhood after I am gone.

So I am going to start putting little notes in my books for someone to find. Maybe slip a few bucks into them too. That will be a nice surprise for someone.

Also as a gag to shock my relatives, I am going to have little stashes of strange things. Weird porn, drugs, maybe some costumes and Polaroid’s of me wearing them. I am working up a list of things to shock my relatives after I am gone. I’ll have to think about the best surprises to leave for someone after I’ve gone on to the big white gate in the sky.

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