Signals on Radar Puzzle Officials in Hunt for Malaysian Jet –

SEPANG, Malaysia — After four days of reticence and evasive answers, the Malaysian military acknowledged on Wednesday that it had recorded, but initially ignored, radar signals that could have prompted a mission to intercept and track a missing jetliner — data that vastly expands the area where the plane might have traveled.

Radar signals from the location where the missing aircraft, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, was last contacted by ground controllers suggested that the plane may have turned away from its northeastward course toward Beijing, officials said. Military radar then detected an unidentified aircraft at several points, apparently headed west across the Malaysian peninsula and out into the Indian Ocean, the head of the country’s air force told reporters. The last detected location was hundreds of miles to the west of where search and rescue efforts were initially focused.Continue reading the main story

The military took no immediate action on Saturday to investigate the unidentified blips, whose path appeared to take the aircraft near the heavily populated island of Penang, and only later realized the significance of the radar readings. The search area was then expanded to take in waters west of the peninsula as well as east — encompassing almost 27,000 square nautical miles, an area bigger than South Carolina — but officials did not give a full explanation for the move.

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Firstly, my heart goes out to the loved ones of the people on the missing plane. I can’t imagine how they feel. I am sure it will be found any day now. It’s amazing to realize that the ocean can swallow an airplane.

I can however imagine how someone on a crashing plan feels. I imagine it every time I get on a plane. I repeat Hail Mary’s on every take off and landing like I am a cloistered priest begging forgiveness. Flying scares the shit out of me. I lube up with enough airport Heineken’s to get me on the plane and then spend the flight annoying my row mates with repeated trips to the lavatory to get rid of the Heiney’s. It’s the best I can do row mate. Forgive me please and thank yourself that I am not enormous, smelly and talkative.

I’ve been flying several times a year lately for work lately and I hate it. I wish I could work from home but the job requires me to go to Miami every couple of months. Before you envy me for getting to go to Miami, let me tell you that I have never seen the water in Miami. Never even got close.

I fly down and back and fight anxiety the whole way. I know my chances of getting in an airplane crash are slim, but I can’t help thinking that it will happen to me.

But holy shit, this flight disappearance has added a new wrinkle to my plane crash anxiety. Planes aren’t supposed to fall from the sky. Most accidents happen on take off and landing. Am I going to have to spend several hours reciting my mantra?

My hope is that this plan was hijacked and is sitting on a runway in North Korea while the passengers are being forced to watch basketball. My fantasy is that the plane was abducted by a UFO and is chilling with the crew members of Flight 19. Or maybe the plane has disappeared into John Galt’s gulch with Jim Gray from Microsoft and all these poor people are forced to hang out with the doers and the makers of the world while they plan their complete takeover of the takers.

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Patrick Kennedy to President Obama: Pot has changed – Tal Kopan –

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy says President Barack Obama is wrong about the dangers of marijuana, saying that the drug today is not like what the president smoked in his youth.

The former eight-term Rhode Island Democrat said Obama’s statement in an interview this weekend that pot is not worse than alcohol was based on anecdotal evidence, not science.

“I think the president needs to speak to his NIH director in charge of drug abuse,” Kennedy said on MSNBC’s “Hardball” on Monday night. “[She] would tell the president that, in fact, today’s modern, genetically modified marijuana, so it’s much higher THC levels, far surpass the marijuana that the president acknowledges smoking when he was a young person.”

Kennedy said government research shows that marijuana is harmful.

“He is wrong when he says that it isn’t very harmful, because the new marijuana is not the old marijuana,” Kennedy said. “We need to have presidential decisions made based upon public health and the sound science that the federal government’s invested in.”

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marijuana weed

I’ve smoked my fair share of pot. There was a time years ago that I smoked every day. Sometimes several times a day. I loved getting high. It was my favorite hobby. I had a bunch of friends and we all got high as often as we could. We weren’t hurting anybody but ourselves. Luckily we never got caught and thrown in jail for having fun. Those were the days. I was young and happy and didn’t have a care in the world other than scraping together rent money.

But now I am middle aged with no time to to get high. And I’m not happy about it. I’m looking forward to the day that my state legalizes pot. Now I have legitimate medical issues that pot might help. I ache all over. My head, my back and lately my shoulder have been bugging me. I bet some medical marijuana would ease my physical and existential pain. But I’m too busy trying to middle class to sit aound baked all day.

I am looking forward to someday being able to go to a store and pick out my favorite variety of weed. I like the Indica  variety of weed. The Sativa variety gets me paranoid and makes me want to turn off the phone and pull the blinds.

The funny thing is that even with all my years of smoking, I didn’t know there was a difference. I just thought I have having a bad high sometimes. I mean I heard about the 2 kinds of pot, but I didn’t know that they affected you differently. Now I know that Sativa gets you high in the head and Indica gets you high in the body. I read this in a story about legalizing weed in Colorado. It’s nice to have learned something new about something so old.

Wouldn’t it be better to know what you are getting? If Rep. Kennedy is concerned about the strength of weed he ought to try and get it labeled like alcohol. I hope marijuana legalization becomes the gay marriage of 2014.

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