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WASHINGTON — An emergency federal program that acts as a lifeline for 1.3 million jobless workers will end on Saturday, drastically curtailing government support for the long-term unemployed and setting the stage for a major political fight in the new year.

The program, in place since the recession started in 2008, provides up to 47 weeks of supplemental unemployment insurance payments to jobless people looking for work. Its expiration is expected to have far-reaching ramifications for the economy, cutting job growth by about 300,000 positions next year and pushing hundreds of thousands of households below the poverty line.

An extension of the unemployment program did not make it into the two-year budget deal that was passed just before Congress left on its winter recess. When the federal program expires, just one in four unemployed Americans will receive jobless benefits — the smallest proportion in half a century.

“I really depend on unemployment,” said David Davis of Chantilly, Va., adding that the $1,600 a month he receives is helping keep him afloat while he interviews for new positions. “I’ve got a résumé that knocks your socks off. The reason for this long period of unemployment is that the work just isn’t there.”

At one point, Mr. Davis, 68, made more than $100,000 a year as an information technologyexpert and web designer. He is now living on ramen noodles and $140 he counted out from his change jar. Since being laid off over the summer, he has missed mortgage payments, forcing him to take out a reverse mortgage on his home. He sold his car and got a late-1990s model Ford Taurus, and is looking to cut his utility and cellphone bills. Soon, he might start taking Social Security.

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Too bad you didn’t invest your unemployment benefits in the stock market. You’d have done pretty well in 2013. It’s a shame that you had to spend the money on food and rent. Maybe cutting your benefits will get you off your ass and back into this lush economy. It’s time you stopped taking and started giving back.

There are a lot of turds out these who think that people are unemployed by choice. It’s your fault if you don’t have a job. You should have gone to school, or gone to school for something else. Or you should take a job at McDonalds. Anything but collect the unemployment insurance you’ve paid into for years.

Working at a job that you are overqualified for is just bad for business and the economy. It hurts more than it helps. Giving someone enough money to hold them over until they find a job in their field is good for everyone. It lets people who have no experience take the jobs that require no experience and helps people with experience find the right job. If you were forced to work at McDonalds with 20 years of experience in another field, you’d only stay until you got a better job. This turnover would cost McDonalds more than they gained from hiring you.

These turds have their priorities all fucked up.

As I’ve aged, I’ve realized that they will never change their minds. No amount of reason will get them to see things differently. I can’t explain their wrong headedness. It’s not even worth trying. Unfortunately a lot of these turds are running the country. It’s a sad situation for sure. But I’m not losing any sleep over things I can’t change. It’s one of the benefits of aging I guess.

Back in the summer of 2009 Aimlow Joe found himself unemployed. The company I worked for went belly up. I was cast adrift in the worst job market in 75 years. It was scary and stressful. I collected my $425.00 a week and I looked for work every day. Literally every day.

I looked for work for 14 months until I found a part time job. Three months later I found a full time job. I considered myself lucky. I still do. I went on 25 first interviews. Several of these interviews required follow up interviews. Some of them called me back four times.

Even with the job I finally found, I know that every day could be my last day.

I was never one to piss my money away, mostly because I didn’t have much to piss away. But my experience on the dole has scarred me for life. I now know why my grandmother washed tin foil to use it again and saved wrapping paper for another gift. I don’t take anything for granted. I drive a car with 120,000 miles on it and I’m hoping to double that before the wheels fall off. My main priority is to make my savings account grow so I am ready for the next time I lose my job.

When I read stories like this one, of guys in their late 60’s who have no savings, it is a lesson for me. I’ll put off a new car and a vacation so I have a few months’ salary in the bank for when the whip comes down again. This bad for the consumer economy, but good for my peace of mind.

I wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2014. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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